Workforce Education Project

The Edenton Chowan Partnership Education Project acknowledges that a high quality educational system, pre-kindergarten to post-secondary, is vital in building and sustaining a strong community and local economy. In order to provide such a system, which meets the needs of every child, leaders at all levels of the education, nonprofit, community, civic, and philanthropic sectors must work together to tackle some of the most pressing challenges.  As such, the Partnership’s Education Project serves as a catalyst for working together, across sectors and along the educational continuum, to produce better educational results in Chowan County.

This link takes you to the 2021-2022 NC School Report Card.

Workforce Education Overview


The Edenton-Chowan Partnership Education Project has four main goals:

  1. Every child comes to school prepared for kindergarten.
  2. Every child succeeds academically in school.
  3. Every child graduates from high school prepared for post-secondary school, vocational school and/or to enter the workforce.
  4. Every child has the opportunity to attend a high quality post-secondary school.


To execute this mission the Education Project involves all organizations engaged in education, training and leadership development as well as a cross section of private citizens, industry leaders, and government officials.  Representatives include:

The current focus is to provide more community interaction, to increase collaboration between the agencies and to foster a climate where new ideas can be pursued. An example of the later is the current one-to-one computing device pilot at the high school.

Student Success Stories

John A. Holmes High School Athletics

Students at John A. Holmes High School have the opportunity to participate in the Northeastern Coastal 2A-3A athletic competition in 26 sports.  The Aces athletic program and athletes are widely supported by the entire community.  Student athletes at John A. Holmes continue to rank as top competitors in the region and across the state.  Visit their Facebook page here to learn more.

Students at College of the Albemarle Share Their Success Stories

College of The Albemarle is proud of the many students who began their higher education journey with us. Whether you graduate with your degree, diploma, or certificate; you just take a few classes to gain new job skills; or maybe you came to us seeking your GED or Adult High School diploma, you are a success story to us and to many others in the community. We hope you enjoy reading these success stories and we look forward to writing your success story in the future! Read more about College of the Albemarle’s success stories.

Facts and Figures

Edenton-Chowan College of the Albemarle Campus Offers Special Programs

The Edenton-Chowan campus of the College of the Albemarle takes pride in offering Culinary Technology, Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology (HVAC), and Electrical Technology as specialty programs. To learn more about these programs, click here.

The NC Department of Public Instruction School Report Card

Check out Edenton-Chowan School’s Report Card from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction by clicking HERE. The report card will provide information about student achievement, class size, school safety, school technology, and teacher quality. Their website is home to all types of education data.

Demographic Profile

Edenton NC Population5mi. Radius10mi. Radius
2012 Estimated Population8,66914,594
2017 Estimated Population8,76214,943
2010 Census Population8,66914,580
2000 Census Population8,71914,131
1990 Census Population8,24313,291
Historical Annual Growth 2000 to 2012 -0.0%0.3%
Projected Annual Growth 2012 to 2017 0.2%0.5%
2012 Male Population46.2%47.3%
2012 Female Population53.8%52.7%
2012 Average Age42.142.5
2012 Median Age38.639.6
Households5mi. Radius10mi. Radius
2012 Estimated Households3,5786,007
2017 Projected Households3,6176,151
2010 Census Households3,5816,002
2000 Census Households3,2745,475
1990 Census Households3,1695,031
Historical Annual Growth 2000 to 20120.8%0.8%
Projected Annual Growth 2012 to 20170.2%0.5%
Population by Race5mi. Radius10mi. Radius
2012 Estimated White53.6%59.1%
2012 Estimated Black or African American42.9%37.8%
2012 Estimated Asian0.4%0.3%
2012 Estimated Other Races3.1%2.8%
2012 Estimated Hispanic2.7%2.3%
Income5mi. Radius10mi. Radius
2012 Estimated Average Household Income$ 49,045$ 50,567
2012 Estimated Median Household Income$ 38,112$ 39,363
2012 Estimated Per Capita Income$ 20,640$ 21,054
Education (Age 25+)5mi. Radius10mi. Radius
2012 Elementary11.0%8.9%
2012 Some High School 12.6%12.1%
2012 High School Graduate27.8%34.3%
2012 Some College23.5%22.6%
2012 College Degree25.1%22.1%
Business5mi. Radius10mi. Radius
Number of Businesses354451
Total Number of Employees3,6934,705
Avg Employee Population per Business 10.410.4
Avg Residential Population per Business24.532.3

Data from 1990 – 2010 Census, 2012 Estimates & 2017 Projections – as of 2nd Qtr / 12. Calculated using Proportional Block Groups. ©2012, The Shopping Center Group, Atlanta, GA 770-955-2434. Based on Lat/Lon: 36.070381/-76.612253

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