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The Seasons of Chowan County

Chowan County has seen an influx of people moving here from all across the country, and there’s one question that they all ask before finally settling down.  

What’s the weather like in northeastern North Carolina?

Some people are relocating from the north where they’ve dealt with frozen lakes, massive snowstorms, and frigid temperatures. And they just want to find someplace warmer to live.

Other people migrate here from other parts of the country where they’ve never really experienced four distinct seasons, so they’re excited to see what each season is like in Chowan County.

One of the best aspects of living in Chowan County is the weather! Let me give you an honest assessment of our weather from January to December and what you can expect during each season.


January is the coldest month of the year in Edenton. So, if we get snow, it’ll probably be in January. But don’t worry, the snow is often gone within a day. January is the slow winter month where we recover from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Things are quietest around town during this month, but before long, we’ll be heading back outside.


The days are still short. The weather is still frosty. Usually, however, snow and ice are in the past. February is generally a little warmer than January. By the end of the month, the days are beginning to lengthen, and the world is starting to wake back up. You might even find yourself enjoying a rather warm day without your jacket!


March typically has the final cold day of the year, but you can feel the early whispers of spring. As we wake up to the final frost of the year, we know that we’ll soon be putting away sweaters and jackets for good. However, that also means it can sometimes be an awkward time of year when you often don’t know how to dress—pants and sweaters in the morning, shorts and t-shirts in the afternoon.


Spring is now officially here! The flowers bloom, the trees come back to life, and the glorious colors in yards and gardens all around Chowan County make a roaring comeback. It is warm but not hot. The mornings and evenings are still cool, perfect for sipping coffee on your back porch. This is also the time of year when the parks fill back up with kids, tourists begin flocking back to town, and people start relaunching their boats back out into the Albemarle Sound.


It is officially outdoor season. People are outside and on the water. Farmers are planting crops, and if you have kids in school, summer is fast approaching. May is a month for weekend trips to the Outer Banks and last-minute summer vacation planning. May is when we bask in the Carolina sunshine and transition from spring to summer.


Summer is here! The heat has arrived, but let’s be honest – it’s hot almost everywhere. The local pools are full, and people in Chowan County are thankful to be just an hour away from the Outer Banks. As kids get out of school, summer festivities and camps get underway. Families enjoy weekend trips to the beach, Saturdays at Busch Gardens, and days out on the water. 


July is the hottest month of the year, but we’re still outside! July 4th is always a big weekend with all the history in the area. The Edenton Steamers are playing baseball throughout the month at Historic Hicks Field. The town is full of kids and families having fun. And, every morning, the Albemarle Sound is full of boats with people pulling fish out of their favorite secret fishing spots. 


The real heat finally comes in August, with a few days (or weeks) where people stay in the air conditioning or head to nearby mountain retreats. Family vacations are finishing up, and people are getting ready for yet another school year. But don’t worry! The heat of the summer is almost over. During the last days of summer, the town is full of events, parties, and festivals nearly every weekend.


The heat is starting to dissipate, and the fields are full of crops. Peanuts, tobacco, Rocky Hock watermelons, and cotton fill the fields.  September sees the peak of the hurricane season, so farmers are hoping to get their crops out of the fields before any storms come through. The kids are back in school, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over. We celebrate the harvest and cooler fall temperatures at the Chowan County Regional Fair!


October is probably my favorite month in Edenton. For those of us who like heat, it can still climb into the ’80s. If you are a sweater person, the 60’s begin calling your name before the end of the month. We send off the month with a massive Halloween celebration downtown. I love that October has a little of everything. It is cool some days, warm on others. October has perfect weather for when you want to sit outside in the evening and admire the sunset.


Up north, November is filled with snow, ice, and winter weather. Here, November is still fall. Early in the month, you have peak fall colors. The evenings are cool, and Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the winter season. Yet, it’s still warm enough to accommodate our annual Turkey Trot downtown. 


I’m always surprised by December. I expect it to be colder, but the temps will still occasionally reach into the 70’s. This is a time of year where the whole town seems to come together again and again. It’s still sunny and nice enough to be outside, so the whole county gathers for annual events like the Christmas Parade, the Christmas Flotilla, and the Christmas Tree Lighting!

Overall, the weather in Edenton is terrific.

We are far enough north that we get to experience all four seasons of the year.

We are far enough south that we miss the worst of the winter weather.

We are far enough inland that we usually avoid the worst of hurricanes.

It isn’t just the people or the economy that make Edenton a wonderful place to live. It is the weather, too!

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