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The Edenton Chowan Partnership – Implementing a Vision for the Future

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In Edenton and Chowan County, North Carolina, we are proud of our deep-rooted heritage. 

From the first woman-led colonial protest against the English monarchy to several signers of the Declaration of Independence, this place has a prominent history in the birth of America. 

We strive to preserve and celebrate the historic people, places, and events that shaped Edenton’s heritage. 

Yet, just as those early colonists envisioned a brighter future, in today’s fast-paced world it has become increasingly important for communities like ours to devise a strategic vision for their future. 

That is where the Edenton Chowan Partnership comes in.

The Edenton Chowan Partnership, located in the historic downtown of Edenton, is a shining example of how collaboration and forward-thinking is shaping our community’s destiny.

This innovative partnership between the Town of Edenton, Chowan County, and many of the private businesses in the area aims to unite everyone to help all of us implement a shared vision for the future growth and development of the region. 

The Partnership is committed to “promoting, preserving, and enhancing the vitality of Edenton and Chowan County” through a strategic vision that will “foster new business development, retain existing businesses, create private investment and jobs, and increase local revenues.”

One of the key things we are committed to is economic development

By focusing on attracting and retaining new businesses to the area, we help create job opportunities, stimulate the local economy, and enhance the overall quality of life in the area. 

Through strategic planning and initiatives, we work closely with local entrepreneurs and business owners to provide resources, support, and guidance. 

We help businesses find land and space to build and grow, obtain funding and grants to support that growth and attract qualified employees to build their workforce.

By cultivating an environment conducive to business growth, we help ensure that our area remains a vibrant and economically resilient community. 

Another crucial component of the Partnership’s vision is promoting Edenton and Chowan County as a great place to live and work.

Edenton’s rich history, scenic beauty, and small-town charm make it an attractive destination for visitors and companies. 

We know that once people come to Edenton and experience all that Chowan County has to offer, they are more likely to stay and invest here. 

The Edenton Chowan Partnership endorses and supports the work of vital partners, such as the Chowan County Tourism Development Authority, Destination Downtown Edenton, and the Edenton-Chowan Chamber of Commerce. 

In collaborating with these partners and local businesses, the Partnership strives to position Edenton as a must-visit destination for those seeking the ideal place to relocate, grow a business, and invest. 

That means getting the word out about all of the potential that companies can find here in Chowan County.

Our website and weekly blog articles are all aimed at spreading the word about Edenton and Chowan County. 

A crucial part of our vision is the continued and expanded collaboration between businesses, community leaders, local government, education partners, and residents. 

The Edenton Chowan Partnership teams with the local public schools and College of The Albemarle to offer workforce development training in skilled trades and high-demand jobs.

Our connections with local and state education partners are helping drive positive change in the region and build a workforce that is needed to move businesses forward both now and in the future. 

Through open communication channels, we create a space for all stakeholders to share ideas, voice concerns, and work towards common goals. 

As the Partnership continues to implement its vision for the future, the impact of its efforts becomes increasingly noticeable. 

From our support of the work to revitalize downtown Edenton and increase tourism revenue to supporting workforce development, infrastructure, and other community improvements, the Partnership is working to help spur positive change in the region.

By embracing innovation, community engagement, and a shared vision, the Edenton Chowan Partnership sets a shining example for other communities seeking to shape their futures. 
If you want to learn more about our mission and vision, or want to see how we can help you establish, grow, or expand your business, learn more about us here.

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