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Springtime in Chowan County

As winter melts away and the first signs of spring start to bloom, Chowan County comes alive with color and life. 

Located in the northeastern corner of North Carolina, this charming county is known for its picturesque landscape on the Albemarle Sound, historic town of Edenton, and friendly local community. 

There’s something special about springtime in Chowan County, with its lively downtown, special springtime events, variety of outdoor activities, and central location, that appeals to residents and visitors alike. 

One of the first things you’ll notice in Chowan County during the spring is the explosion of colorful flowers. From daffodils and tulips to azaleas and dogwoods, the county is transformed into a rainbow of hues. 

The historic town of Edenton, known as the “Prettiest Small Town in the South,” is particularly stunning during this time of year, with its tree-lined streets and manicured gardens bursting with blooms. 

One special springtime weekend in April is the Easels in the Gardens Tour, featuring both private and public gardens with talented plein-air artists capturing the natural beauty of these outdoor settings.  

During this same weekend, residents and visitors enjoy a festive street party in downtown Edenton, Boogie on Broad, which brings the community together with lively music, fun dancing, and food trucks.  

But it’s not just the flowers that make spring in Chowan County so special. The mild temperatures and longer days also bring a flurry of outdoor activities for both locals and visitors to enjoy. 

During spring, you’ll find lots of people enjoying the warmer weather outdoors!

Whether it’s a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, a picnic in one of the county’s many parks, or a round of golf at one of the area’s top-notch courses, there’s no shortage of ways to soak up the spring sunshine in Chowan County.

Equally inviting is Edenton’s bustling downtown. You’ll find lots of people enjoying shopping, dining, and strolling along its brick sidewalks. Downtown parks are full of children playing and people taking in the spectacular water and sunset views. 

And with the warm weather and sunny skies, there’s no better time to take a leisurely stroll through the historic districts and soak up the rich history of Edenton and Chowan County. From the Roanoke River Lighthouse to the Cupola House and Penelope Barker House Welcome Center, there’s no shortage of history to explore in this historic location. 

You can enjoy a relaxing and educational Trolley Tour through Edenton’s most iconic historic streets, or you can opt to explore Edenton’s history on your own by following our Museum Trail

Finally, Chowan County’s central location makes it the perfect homebase for exploring other easy-to-reach destinations. From here, you are less than a two-hour drive to Virginia Beach, Norfolk/Hampton Roads, and the Outer Banks, giving you even more options for shopping, dining, and entertainment. 

It’s no surprise that year after year Chowan County continues to break records for visitors as it is such a beautiful, historic, and welcoming place to visit. And, every year, many of those visitors move to this community because the things that make Chowan County such a great place to visit make it a wonderful place to live!

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