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Our team of economic development professionals are prepared to assist you throughout the site selection process. We want to help you find the perfect location for your business. All inquiries are kept confidential. Property search options can be used to identify potential buildings and/or sites for your business. Use this link for specific property location and mapping functions.

If you don’t find the exact site requirements you’re looking for, please give us a call at 252.482.2007 so that we can provide additional assistance! The Edenton Chowan Partnership stands ready to assist you with support and information in making the right location decision.


Chowan County Tax


Rural County Fire Tax


Town of Edenton Tax

Chowan County Taxes

Tax Rates in effect for the 2022 Fiscal Year

Your Chowan County tax bill amount varies depending on where you live within the county. A rate code is assigned according to this information and it identifies the combination of taxes that make up your tax bill. Your bill may include:

  • County Taxes
  • Town Taxes
  • Fire District Taxes
  • Fees

The county rate is determined by the Board of Commissioners. The town rate is determined by the Town Governing Board. The rates shown here are per $100 dollar of value. These rates are for the 2022 fiscal year and are updated each July. This information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


“Edenton’s electric utility offers electricity at competitive rates and meets high standards of reliability.”

~ Manager Edenton Electric Department

The town and county have ample utility resources to support growing businesses.  The town provides electricity to both the town and county and also provides sewer service to those living in the town and in some areas of the county, including the Edenton Chowan Partnership’s Airport Industrial Park Phase II. The county provides water to all business and residences in the county. In addition, many of the resident of the county and town also have access to natural gas.  Utility rates run below the national average and reduce the cost of doing business in Chowan County. Special electricity rates are available for certain businesses that are high users and there are special considerations for those companies that provide backup electrical generation during high demand times.

At the present time, there are also three Internet providers in the County-Century Link, Mediacom, and  All three provide high speed access to support the needs of the business community.  Century Link and Mediacom also provide telephone service throughout the county and both offer packages that are specifically designed to support business activities.  Mediacom, Dish, and DirectTV also offer a variety of TV viewing packages.

3.5 Hours

From Wilmington, NC

1.25 Hours

From Norfolk, VA

4.0 Hours

From Washington DC

1 Hour

From the Outer Banks

2.25 Hours

From Raleigh/Durham

1 Hour

From Greenville, NC

Edenton provides easy access to the Northeast, Southeast and the World via nearby ports, regional and international airports, and future Interstate 87.

Key Employers Serving Chowan County

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