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101 W. Water Street Edenton NC 27932

Transportation and Shipping

Where Business Thrives, Community Prospers

Welcome to the thriving business ecosystem of Edenton and Chowan County. Here, we celebrate a dynamic blend of industries that adds a layer of unexpected diversity to our economy, from established large-scale companies to innovative small enterprises.

Convenient location

Our location on the coast of the Mid-Atlantic region makes travel and shipping via road, water, rail, and air convenient.

Robust facilities

Waterfront terminals and a regional airport simplify logistics and let you ship and receive your way.

proximity to population centers

Chowan County gives you easy access to population centers like Virginia Beach, Greenville, and Raleigh-Durham.

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Riverbulk Terminal - Stevens Towing

Riverbulk Terminal located in Chowan County is a partner of South Carolina based Stevens Towing.  Riverbulk Terminal is located in a Federal Opportunity Zone  on the Chowan River and offers barge service, barge terminal, warehousing, and manufacturing space to the East Coast.  The facility boasts 50 acres (zoned heavy industrial) providing critical services for companies needing to move products to nearby ports or in need of staging areas for large offshore projects.  The Riverbulk Terminal’s location, 125 miles south of Norfolk, Virginia, and 185 miles north of Morehead City, NC, make it the perfect location for any shipping needs up and down the East Coast. Riverbulk Terminal and Stevens Towing have experienced operators, and a complete fleet of Tugs, Barges, Cranes and a Ship for all freight and construction operations. The company regularly services the East, West, and Gulf Coasts of the US, including the Western Rivers and Great Lakes, as well as international ports.

The Edenton Chowan Partnership adopted resolutions encouraging governmental agencies to support dredging and waterfront development of the 50-acre site and other facilities in support of development of the Riverbulk Terminal.

Edenton Airport

Northeastern Regional Airport

The Northeastern Regional Airport facility located in Chowan County features a 6,000 ft. by 100 ft. paved runway that can easily provide takeoff and landing to accommodate larger aircraft the size of a 737.  The airport terminal provides facilities for overnight accommodation and serves as a base for local aircraft.  As a former Marine Corps Air Station, the airport and industrial park are strategically located within a reasonable driving distance (2 hours or less) to the Norfolk-Hampton Roads area as well as Raleigh/Durham.  It is a perfect location for attracting a fixed-based operator and for private aviation refueling between New England and Florida.  The airport has the potential as a favorably zoned location for attracting industry and activity around privately owned aircraft.  The Edenton Chowan Airport Industrial Park is adjacent to the airport with sites available for development.

We May Be Rural, But We Are Connected

Edenton and Chowan County is strategically located between New York City and Florida. The region is rich in transportation resources that can support your business enterprise. Whether you are looking for movement by land, air, or sea, services exist in the region that can fulfill your needs.  

Future Interstate 87

Interstate 87

Highway 17 has been designated as the future I-87, tying Norfolk to Raleigh and passing through the anticipated and expanded CSX rail yard at Rocky Mount, NC, near the intersection with I-95. This highway runs along an established Opportunity Zone that is ready for development. Property is available for development to serve the port at Norfolk, the rail yards, and international airports. Barge service from Chowan County can reach all destinations on the Intracoastal Waterway as well as ports in Morehead City and Norfolk.  

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Strategic Location, Convenient Travel

Edenton and Chowan County is strategically located along the east coast between New York and Florida.  Whether you are traveling by land, air, or sea, our location can get you where you want to go.  Chowan County is a 1.5 hour drive to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, and a 2 hour drive to Raleigh, NC.  Our coastal landscape provides easy access to the Port of Virginia, the Port of Wilmington, and the Port of Morehead City, NC.  With the largest runway in Northeastern North Carolina, our regional airport can accommodate aircraft almost any size for transporting cargo or for leisure travel.

intracoastal waterway

A Perfect Destination on the North Carolina Intracoastal Waterway

Many travelers choose Edenton to dock their boats for an overnighter – or two.  Edenton Harbor provides a safe destination for transient boaters travelling the Intracoastal Waterway. Boaters can rent a slip for up to seven days per month and enjoy the town’s local shops and restaurants before heading out for their next destination.