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North Carolina’s Lt. Governor visited Chowan County

It’s not every day that Chowan County is visited by the lieutenant governor of North Carolina, but August 3, 2023, wasn’t an ordinary day.

Thanks to the cooperative efforts of several prominent businesses on Peanut Drive, including Regulator Marine, Colony Tire, JLA, Olam, and Hampton Farms Peanuts, Edenton welcomed Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson. 

These businesses on Peanut Drive represent Chowan County’s diverse manufacturing economy and provide over 1,000 local jobs.

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is no stranger to the world of manufacturing. 

In fact, after serving in the United States Army, Robinson spent twenty years in manufacturing, working in a diverse array of industries from furniture manufacturing to the restaurant industry. 

It was with this wealth of knowledge gleaned from his years in manufacturing that the lieutenant governor spoke to the crowds of employees who gathered on Peanut Drive. 

“The people who get up in the morning and go to work every day…are the economic engine that drives the state of North Carolina,” he said. “My sincere desire is to serve you…because in you I see what makes this state great!”

Mark Robinson’s goal is to “protect the workers of North Carolina” and attract “businesses who want to come to North Carolina…and treat the people here like family.” 

He understands the need to protect North Carolina workers and businesses, having lost his own job in furniture manufacturing when the company he worked for in High Point, North Carolina, decided to close shop and move to Mexico many years ago.

He understands just how important it is for towns across North Carolina to attract and retain quality businesses, and he expressed how impressed he was with the diversity and quality of businesses in Chowan County. 

When asked why he believes Edenton and Chowan County have been so successful in attracting and supporting businesses, he replied, “I really believe the businesses [here] are solid because they operate with solid principles…they believe in treating their employees like family and because of that [the employees] have a passion for making quality products.”

In fact, many of the employees gathered to hear Mark Robinson speak are generational employees whose families have worked at Chowan County’s manufacturing plants for decades. 

Many of the businesses represented on Peanut Drive are local, family-owned businesses who have invested in Chowan County and who do indeed treat their employees like family.

These principles and family values are what makes Chowan County and Edenton such a great place for businesses to invest in this community and thrive. 

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