Chowan County now boasts a Gigabyte City!

101 W. Water Street Edenton NC 27932

Northeastern Regional Airport and Industrial Park

During World War II, the Marine Corps needed a strategic location for an installation connected to MCAS Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune, NC. 

This installation would become important for missions to engage in operational training, celestial navigation, and aviation with access to key land, air, and water points. 

The United States government chose Edenton as the location for this strategic base, and in 1943, MCAS Edenton welcomed its first Reservists. 

Today, this strategic location is still a key factor in Edenton’s accessibility and connection to major cities and ports on the East Coast, but instead of functioning as a military base, it is now home to the Northeastern Regional Airport and Edenton-Chowan Airport Industrial Park.

Northeastern Regional Airport is a key to Edenton’s accessibility and offers a huge advantage to local companies and industries. 

As a former Marine Corps Air Station, this Chowan County airport is equipped with a 6,000 ft. by 100 ft. paved runway that is able to handle aircraft the size of a 737, but it also accommodates private aircraft, weather reconnaissance aircraft, and local crop dusters. 

Occasionally, emergency aircraft and military helicopters from nearby bases also use the airport.

The airport terminal provides facilities for refueling, as well as overnight accommodations, and serves as a base for local private and business aircrafts. 

The airport’s central location in northeastern North Carolina means that it is within a reasonable driving distance to Raleigh-Durham, Greenville, and Norfolk/Virginia Beach, making it ideal for businesses who need a hub from which to easily travel. 

Local Chowan County companies have the convenience of being able to charter flights right from Edenton in order to access other major cities on the East Coast.

The Northeastern Regional Airport is also the perfect location for attracting a fixed-base operator and for private aviation refueling between New England and Florida. 

Furthermore, the airport is adjacent to the Edenton-Chowan Airport Industrial Park, which offers sites available for development by companies looking for proximity to an airport for shipping and transportation needs. 

This nearby industrial park is perfectly situated in the middle of the county and provides a variety of sites from which companies can easily access both the airport and major highways. 

This 28 property site offers infrastructure improvements, including water, sewer, electrical, and paved roads. 

Whether companies are looking for office, factory, or warehouse space, the Edenton-Chowan Airport Industrial Park can meet their needs. 

The Edenton Chowan Partnership can provide additional information about the federal tax law’s Opportunity Zone within Chowan County and also can answer questions about both the Northeastern Regional Airport and the Edenton-Chowan Airport Industrial Park. 

Together, these two facilities support Edenton and Chowan County’s industrial and economic growth while providing key infrastructure in a strategic location to attract businesses to the area.

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