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Manufacturing Products, Manufacturing the Future​

Manufacturing in Chowan County is thriving.  Companies are expanding and adding new jobs to help meet the demand for the high-quality products they produce. Centrally located in the Middle Atlantic States, Edenton and Chowan County is strategically positioned to move products north, south and west.  Manufacturers find the area to be business-friendly with a great labor pool made up of dedicated workers. 

Centrally located

Centrally located in the Middle Atlantic region, Edenton and Chowan County are strategically positioned to move products north, south and west. Manufacturers find the area to be business-friendly with a great labor pool made up of dedicated workers.

Incentivizing business

The State of North Carolina has also provided an extensive program of incentives that reduce the cost of doing business, making it easier than ever to grow your operation.

friendly tax rates

Incentives, coupled with reasonably priced property taxes and a recent reduction in the North Carolina corporate tax rate to 2.5%, make Chowan County a great place to do business. 

Meet some of the companies that are economic drivers in our community

Jimbo’s Jumbos knows a thing or two about peanuts.  A major national peanut processing company in Chowan County, Jimbo’s Jumbos ships roasted peanuts and peanut products throughout the United States.  They are a major employer in Edenton and Chowan County.  The Edenton Chowan Partnership donated 8.8 acres to the company for a $30,000,000 facility expansion and secured a $156,000 One North Carolina Fund Grant resulting in 78 new jobs created in our community.

Colony Tire Corporation knows that all shipping rides on tires.  From passenger vehicles to the giants of the road or field, Colony is there.  With a large retread factory and distribution center in Edenton as well as retail sales, Colony is a significant employer and local community supporter.  They have jobs to fill as a result of several plant expansions.

 Colony Tire is a multi-million dollar business and one of the leading tire distributors and automotive service providers in North America. With over 30 locations, this premier auto care and tire company serves vehicle owners throughout NC, VA, and TN.

The Edenton Chowan Partnership helped secure a $400,000 building and reuse grant from the NC Department of Commerce for Colony Tire to add a 100,000 sq. ft. facility expansion. The Partnership funded a 5% match ($20,000) with a $3.3M+ private investment by Colony Tire creating 40 new jobs.

Olam Edible Nuts is a global leader in the nut industry – offering the largest variety of nuts from all major origins wherever nuts are grown. They are present in the almond, cashew, walnut, peanut, hazelnut, pistachio, sesame, chia, and quinoa businesses.  They deliver quality nut products throughout the world.

Regulator Marine builds some of the finest offshore sport fishing boats in the country.   Regulators are North Carolina bred and born, tested against the challenging conditions of the Outer Banks and delivered to locations throughout the U.S. and abroad.  Regulator is a multi-year recipient of the NMMA’s prestigious and highly coveted CSI award, which represents the highest level of owner satisfaction. Regulator employs approximately 300 people and is a community friend and partner to many organizations in Chowan County.  The Edenton Chowan Partnership helped Regulator secure a $200,000 building and reuse grant from the NC Department of Commerce to add a 13,000 sq. ft. facility expansion. The project was a $617,000 private investment by Regulator Marine and created 25+ new jobs.

 Albemarle Boats are built on 40 years of family experience in the boat building industry. Albemarle is located in Edenton,  and its testing ground is the open sea off Cape Hatteras. Albemarle Sport Fishing Boats and Carolina Classic companies started as small family businesses and later merged to create an industry leading sportfishing powerhouse.  The Edenton Chowan Partnership helped Albemarle Boats secure a $150,000 building and reuse grant from the NC Department of Commerce for a 19,800 sq. ft. facility renovation. The project is a $2.1M private investment by Albemarle Boats with plans to create 21 new jobs in the community.

Daedalus Yachts is a premier yacht builder specializing in zero emission yachts designed, built, and engineered using carbon fiber technology. Daedalus is the only serial manufacturer of carbon yachts over 60 feet located in the USA.  Daedalus Yachts received the honor of their D100 catamaran as one of three nominees for the International Yacht and Aviation Design Award in the Concept Yacht Under 40 Meters Category.  The Edenton Chowan Partnership supported establishing offices and a factory in the former Carolina Classics boat factory and helped secure two $500,000 building and reuse grants from the NC Department of Commerce resulting in a private investment of $879,755 by Daedalus Yachts. They are expected to create between 50-136 new jobs in the community.

MiTek, a Berkshire Hathaway Company located in Chowan County, is one of 22 locations in the U.S. that provide software, services, engineered products, and automation for the building industry that transform the way architects, builders, and engineers design, make, and build.

Riverbulk Terminal located in Chowan County, is a partner with South Carolina based Stevens Towing.  Riverbulk Terminal is situated in a Federal Opportunity Zone on the Chowan River and offers barge service, barge terminal, warehousing, and manufacturing space to the East Coast.  The facility boasts 50 acres zoned heavy industrial, providing critical services for companies needing to move products to nearby ports or in need of staging areas for large offshore projects.  The Riverbulk Terminal’s location, 125 miles south of Norfolk, Virginia, and 185 miles north of Morehead City, NC, make it the perfect location for any shipping needs up and down the East Coast. Stevens Towing has experienced operators, and a complete fleet of Tugs, Barges, Cranes, and a Ship for all freight and construction operations. The company regularly services the East, West, and Gulf Coasts of the US, including the Western Rivers and Great Lakes, as well as international ports.

The Edenton Chowan Partnership adopted resolutions encouraging governmental agencies to support dredging and waterfront development of the 50-acre site and other facilities in support of the development of the Riverbulk Terminal.

Nebraska Plastics, Inc., a vinyl fence manufacturer, established its second plant in Edenton and Chowan County in 2020.  Headquartered in Cozad, Nebraska, the company has remained a family-owned business for more than 75 years and supplies products to customers in all 50 states.  Along with vinyl fence and railing, Nebraska Plastics continues to produce a line of above-ground and below-ground PVC irrigation pipe for agriculture. The Edenton Chowan Partnership teamed with the Town and County to establish Nebraska Plastics’ second facility in Chowan County and secured a $60,000 performance based One NC Fund Grant from the NC Department of Commerce. The project was a $1M private investment by Nebraska Plastics and created 22 jobs.

JWF Industries designs, manufactures, and integrates metal centric products. Their capabilities include program management, engineering, laser services, welding, forming, machining, and coatings. 

In 2021, the need arose for a facility with access to the east coast inland waterway and the potential for future expansion of manufacturing space. The company expanded to Edenton and Chowan County to be located near the hubs for the east coast shipbuilding industry, and the site was perfect for JWF’s strategic planning needs and scope of work including opportunities up and down the east coast and around navy shipbuilding.  The Edenton facility is located in Chowan County at the Riverbulk Terminal.   JWF Industries has operating sales over $100 million, occupying over 1.1 million square feet of manufacturing space, and currently employs over 400 professionals at their locations.

The Edenton Chowan Partnership teamed with Stevens Towing, the Town of Edenton, and Chowan County to establish JWF Industries and JWF Defense Systems at the Riverbulk Terminal. JWF created 12+ jobs and is growing. 

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