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Looking Forward to 2024

2023 was an exciting year for the Edenton Chowan Partnership, and we are looking forward to continuing our partnerships with local government, businesses, and organizations to undertake initiatives that foster economic growth throughout our region! 

Here is a recap of three important initiatives from this past year.

#1. We redesigned and launched a new website. This important initiative helps us to spread the word about the exciting economic and workforce educational opportunities happening in Chowan County.

#2. We helped local businesses secure important funding in order to expand, grow, and create more jobs. 

For instance, we assisted Regulator Marine to secure a $200,000 building and reuse grant from the NC Department of Commerce for a 13,000 sq. ft. facility expansion. This project created 25+ jobs.

We also helped Albemarle Boats secure a $150,000 building and reuse grant from the NC Department of Commerce for a facility renovation. The project is a $2.1M private investment by Albemarle Boats with plans to create 21 new jobs.

Additionally, we assisted in securing a $25,000 building and reuse grant for Herringbone Hospitality from the NC Department of Commerce, resulting in a private investment of $1.4M and created 43 full and part-time jobs.

#3. We helped to create more industrial space in order to attract new businesses to the region. 

We began work on phase II of the Edenton-Chowan Airport Industrial Park to create more industrial space to attract new businesses to our area. With this project, we harvested timber on the property and reinvested the funds from the sale of the timber to develop six shovel-ready lots.  

Through public and private partnerships in 2023, we saw the continued economic growth of local businesses which resulted in a robust workforce, the creation of new jobs, and the strengthening of our local economy.

As 2024 approaches, we’re looking for even more ways to help bring progress, growth, and stability to our region.

Here are a few projects we are working on for the coming year.

#1. We are currently working on a grant with the Town of Edenton from the Southeast Crescent Regional Commission in the amount of $500,000.

If funded, this grant will help fund a water main expansion and extension project along Paradise Road that will benefit two residential communities, one nursing home, and the businesses and industries in the industrial park located along Peanut Drive.  

#2. We also plan to seek grant funding for due diligence work and site development at the Edenton Chowan Airport Industrial Park, Phase II.  

This will pave the way to attract new businesses who are looking for space to invest and grow in Chowan County. 

#3. We continue to support the Town of Edenton and Chowan County in other economic development initiatives.

Some of these include the renovation and leasing of space at the Village Shopping Center and the development of other facilities such as the Hotel Hinton, continued broadband expansion, and providing our businesses with support in seeking and fulfilling building and reuse grants through the NC Department of Commerce.  

#4. We are working to support the development of more available workforce housing. 

And of course, we continue to work and promote workforce training and development opportunities through our education partners like College of The Albemarle and Edenton-Chowan Schools.

#5. Finally, we will also be launching a social media campaign in 2024 to support our local businesses and industries in recruiting and meeting their workforce demands as well as advocating and supporting market-rate workforce housing within the county.

We want to continue to spread the word about the great economic and investment opportunities offered in Edenton and Chowan County.

With these initiatives, we know 2024 will be another banner year here in Edenton and Chowan County! If you’re looking for a business-friendly, family-friendly place to invest and grow, contact us here.

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