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101 W. Water Street Edenton NC 27932

Jimbo’s Jumbos – Hampton Farms: Investing in the Future of Chowan County

Drive through Edenton on a hazy summer morning and you’ll likely notice the tantalizing aroma of hot, freshly roasted peanuts in the air that will remind you of sweet summer nights at the ball field!  

That delicious nutty fragrance is due to Jimbo’s Jumbos – Hampton Farms, a peanut roasting plant located on Peanut Drive in Edenton. 

Jimbo’s Jumbos has been a staple in Chowan County since the mid 1950’s. With the help of the Edenton Chowan Partnership, it took over the Fisher Nut Plant in the 1990’s and was later purchased in 2003 by Severn Peanut Co., becoming part of the Hampton Farms family, the largest roaster of in-shell peanuts in the United States. 

Jimbo’s Jumbos – Hampton Farms is not only committed to providing America’s finest nut-based food products but is also committed to investing in the future of Chowan County and its community.  

The peanut processing plant on Peanut Drive provides over 300 jobs to local workers and significantly boosts the economy of Chowan County. 

Jimbo’s Jumbos is one of the key economic drivers in the county, and as part of the Hampton Farms family, it supplies peanuts and peanut products to customers nationwide. 

Though Severn Peanut Company started out as a small, family-run business in northeastern North Carolina, it has since grown into the largest roaster of in-shell peanuts in the United States, with manufacturing facilities from the East Coast to the West Coast. 

You’ll even find their peanuts at your favorite Major League Baseball stadium and at the local Historic Hicks Field here in Edenton where the Edenton Steamers have secured two, back-to-back collegiate-level championships.

While Jimbo’s Jumbos peanuts may have been sold initially at ballparks, the company grew to expand their business by offering nut products used in other foods, including granola bars, energy bars, cookies, ice cream, and more.  

From ice cream to candy and other treats, there’s a good chance you’ve tasted the peanut buttery goodness made at Jimbo’s Jumbos! 

Today, Jimbo’s Jumbos brings international customers to Chowan County to visit local farmers and ships peanut products all over the world, providing a significant economic impact to the local economy.   

Hal Burns, General Manager at Jimbo’s Jumbos, explains that the company is the face of Chowan County to customers from all over the world, which is why “the company encourages customers to come see Edenton and meet the farmers here in Chowan County.” 

One of the major crops in the eastern part of North Carolina has always been peanuts.

More than 50% of all the peanuts Jimbo’s Jumbos uses (and they process a lot) come from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

That is why the business was started at a central location here in Chowan County, and it continues to be successful here. 

Jimbo’s Jumbos is a perfect example of how we do business in Chowan County, creating a thriving base of operations locally to serve customers, create jobs, and make a positive impact worldwide.

Companies like Jimbo’s Jumbos have a long history of partnering with the Edenton Chowan Partnership to bring more businesses to our area, increase our regional profile, and make life better for our residents.

In fact, when the company needed to expand its facilities to keep up with demand, the Edenton Chowan Partnership donated over 8 acres for a $30 million dollar facility expansion and helped to secure a $156,000 One NC Fund Grant for the project, which created 78 new jobs. 

The Partnership has been good to Jimbo’s Jumbos in helping with job creation and facility expansion,” explains Hal Burns. “When we needed to expand infrastructure, the Partnership and the Town of Edenton stepped right up.” 

In many ways, Jimbo’s Jumbos is a representation of Chowan County’s reputation as an agricultural powerhouse AND leading manufacturer of goods.

This unique combination helps fuel the long-term growth of Jimbo’s Jumbos – Hampton Farms and of Edenton as well.

As Jimbo’s Jumbos looks to the future, the company is creating more jobs and investing in the next generation of workers here in Chowan County. 

It is this combination of growing and manufacturing that creates an environment where there are consistently enough people to fill necessary jobs to fuel and support their expansion.

One way they are doing this is by installing two new robotics lines and working with College of The Albemarle to develop a training course that will equip local young people with the technological skills to run the lines. 

According to Hal Burns, “Jimbo’s needs problem-solvers. There are world-class jobs here for our local youth. They can be on the cutting edge of industry and manufacturing right here in Chowan County.”

These are exciting investments both for our local economy and for the next generation of workers in our area! 

And it’s another example of how the partnership between companies, like Jimbo’s Jumbos, and Chowan County continues to be profitable for everyone. 

This is because Chowan County is small enough to work directly with businesses to provide the infrastructure and support they need to succeed over the long-term.

But, it is also because Chowan County, with organizations like the Edenton Chowan Partnership, is large enough to support those same businesses as they continue to grow. 

This is why there are so many companies in the county that have a regional, national, and even international reach, just like Jimbo’s Jumbos – Hampton Farms. 

Companies realize what we’ve known all along in Edenton…

If you want to have happy employees who can stick with you for a long time and fuel long-term growth and success…

Plant your business where people want to live.

And, they love living here in Chowan County! 

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