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Welcome to the thriving business ecosystem of Edenton and Chowan County. Here, we celebrate a dynamic blend of industries that adds a layer of unexpected diversity to our economy, from established large-scale companies to innovative small enterprises.

Starting a business

Entrepreneurship is an important part of life in Edenton. Chowan County is an exciting place to launch a business.

Economic development

There are a host of opportunities designed to help businesses grow and mature, becoming incredible engines of opportunity and providing jobs to our community.

Educating workers

We are committed to preparing the next generation of workers for businesses. From K-12 education and beyond, we are preparing workers for you.


See why so many are investing in Edenton

Our economy carries a rich heritage of stability, economic growth, and entrepreneurship. Our business landscape is a mosaic of different industries, including industrial and manufacturing sectors, healthcare services, agriculture, tourism, and so much more. This drives investment, encouraging business endeavors with a wealth of opportunities that spark growth, development, and success. In Edenton and Chowan County, we’re not just conducting business – we’re building dreams, shaping futures, and contributing to a robust and vibrant economy that benefits everyone.

Start A business

Edenton and Chowan County is a perfect place to start a business. Affordable properties, assistance programs, opportunity zones and more all contribute to the help you need to start a successful business.

Economic Development

An engaged group of governmental, business, and community partners are here to help you grow your business through workforce cultivation, tax incentives, and more.

Sites and buildings

See the opportunities in Edenton and Chowan County. There are locations that suit a wide variety of different situations and opportunities.


The low cost of living, working, and growing a business makes Edenton and Chowan County the place to live, grow, and invest.

Opportunity Zones

Chowan County is a tax-advantaged opportunity zone, providing exciting and dynamic opportunities for growing businesses.

Edenton: A Rising Star of Business Growth and Economic Impact

Witness the unstoppable growth of Edenton – a thriving community where business ideas ignite, careers flourish, and economic prosperity is evident throughout the region. Our community is riding high on the wave of robust economic standing, mirroring its strength in increasing property values and expanding local job opportunities.

Take a moment to marvel at the gem of Edenton’s success story – the booming medical technology industry. This fast-growing sector is setting the pace of change and redefining the way business is done. Here in Edenton, jobs are multiplying, investments are pouring in, and progress is in the air. The medical technology businesses have found their sweet spot, capitalizing on the cutting-edge tech environment and marking significant milestones in their growth journey.

But that’s not all. Edenton boasts a wealth of industrial and manufacturing powerhouses that sit at the pinnacle of North Carolina’s business landscape. Our local companies, with their diverse portfolios ranging from food production to sport boat manufacturing and machinery, have made their mark, driven investment, and enhanced our community’s appeal.

Edenton’s business community is a vibrant tapestry of diverse industries and employers, a testament to our thriving economic dynamism. It’s more than just a place to do business – it’s a place where you invest in success, build dreams, and shape the future. With thriving industry sectors spanning from manufacturing to medicine, Edenton promises to be a vibrant business community for many more prosperous years to come.

Experience Edenton, where success stories are written every day. Come, be a part of our growth journey and let’s thrive together.

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