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Investing in Edenton and Chowan County: The Top 10 Factors to Consider

Investing in Edenton and Chowan County: The Top 10 Factors to Consider

If you’re thinking about investing in Edenton and Chowan County, you’re not alone. 

This community of 15,000 people is quickly becoming a hotbed for investors and industry, and for good reason. 

From the charming downtown filled with unique shops and restaurants to the comfortable housing market, Edenton and Chowan County offer a diverse range of opportunities for those looking to invest in the area or for businesses looking for a prime location on the East Coast.

Here are the top 10 factors to consider when deciding if you should invest in Edenton and Chowan County:

#1. Location, location, location!

Every business knows that location is key. Here in Edenton and Chowan County, we’ve got a prime location for businesses who want to be centrally located within close proximity to major metropolitan areas, ports along the coast, and two major airports.  In fact, you’ll be within driving distance (2 hours or less) to the Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach and Raleigh/Durham areas as well as I-95, a major artery along the East Coast.

#2. Transportation Needs

Due to our strategic location, investors and businesses will find easy access via land, water, and air for all of their transportation needs. Take advantage of the Northeastern Regional Airport or the Riverbulk Terminal for air or water transport options that provide easy shipping and receiving. We’re also located right on future I-87, tying Norfolk to Raleigh and passing through the anticipated and expanded railyard at Rocky Mount, NC, near the intersection with I-95.  

#3. The Local Economy

With a low unemployment rate and a thriving real estate market, Edenton is an attractive destination for investors. Economic growth in the town is expected to continue as businesses come in and new housing is constructed. This presents opportunities to capitalize on the potential of Edenton in the long-term. The Edenton-Chowan Partnership continues to advance educational opportunities to cultivate a strong workforce, support business start-ups with key resources, and offer companies help with obtaining grants and financial backing so their businesses can thrive!

#4. Opportunity Zones

The low, competitive tax rates make the cost of living and doing business in Edenton and Chowan County the perfect choice. Additionally, a significant portion of the county has been designated a federal Opportunity Zone, offering businesses major benefits for investing here. Many census tracts outside of the downtown Edenton area in Chowan County qualify.

#5. Dynamic Industry

Here in Chowan County, we benefit from an eclectic mix of industries that all contribute to our economic growth. You’ll find everything from agriculture to health care to marine industries and more! Building and attracting such a diverse range of businesses doesn’t just happen by accident. Our community has a strong history of entrepreneurship and innovation, and we’re always looking for new ways to support local industries and attract new businesses. 

#6. Real Estate Market

One of the best aspects of investing in Edenton is its real estate market. Homes in the area tend to have a reasonable price tag and can offer a good return on investment for those looking to buy and rent, or flip and resell. Also, companies will find lots of options for investing and developing here, including commercial sites at the Edenton-Chowan Airport Industrial Park. Whether you’re looking for retail space, office space, warehouse space, or factory space, Edenton and Chowan County have a booming real estate market that can meet your needs. 

#7. Community Resources

Here we offer plenty of community services and amenities that make it an attractive place to live. These include public parks and green spaces, public and private schools, a local hospital and well-connected healthcare system, and an established downtown business area. Whether you’re a retiree looking for an active community life or a business owner looking for a community to support your company, Edenton and Chowan County can offer you the amenities and infrastructure of an already-thriving community.  

#8. Community Connections

We aren’t just a destination; we are a community where you can live, thrive, and find true connections. There’s always something going on here. Several local organizations, including the Edenton-Chowan Partnership, strive to create a welcoming and lively community life. From annual traditions, such as our Christmas Candlelight Tour, to daily and weekly get-togethers, like book clubs and trivia nights, you’ll find lots of ways to get connected, find support, and enjoy living here! 

#9. A Rich History

This community has been established in the Albemarle Region for over 400 years, and we’re proud of our heritage and longevity. We’ve enjoyed a history of significant contributions to American and North Carolinian history, including our famous Edenton Tea Party in 1774. While we celebrate our rich history, it really serves to motivate us to continued growth and a renewed commitment to make Edenton and Chowan County the best possible place to live and invest in the future. 

#10. Edenton-Chowan Partnership

Overall, Edenton and Chowan County present a lot of potential and a great return on investment for those interested in investing in the area. With a low cost of living, a strong economy, and plenty of housing and community resources, this is an ideal place to build a successful business and life. The Edenton-Chowan Partnership is one of the best allies for those seeking to relocate or invest here. We can offer you the information, support, and amenities you need to thrive and reach your potential! 

We encourage you to contact us today and learn how we can help you invest in your future.

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