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“Investing in Edenton” – An Edenton Retirement Story

Deanna Klingel and her husband Dave never imagined that they would retire to Edenton. 

After frequently moving around while raising seven children, they had settled rather nicely in the mountains of North Carolina and were quite happy there for eighteen years.

As a children’s author, Deanna traveled quite a bit, visiting schools and sharing her stories with children all over the country. 

When these travels brought her to eastern North Carolina, she happened to stop in Edenton and enjoyed a picnic by the lighthouse.

And that’s when Edenton grasped her imagination. She couldn’t stop thinking about this quaint waterfront town.

She shared about Edenton with her husband and was further surprised when he told her they were going back to visit – for three weeks!

“I want to know what it’s like to live there,” he explained. 

So, for three weeks they stayed in an AirBnB downtown and experienced what it would be like to actually live in Edenton, walking to the farmer’s market, visiting historic sites, meeting people, and attending church. 

That was five years ago.

Today, Deanna and Dave live in a beautiful, historic Craftsman Bungalow that they fully renovated and call Edenton their forever home.

They didn’t just retire here; they have invested in the community. 

Deanna is an active member of the Edenton Woman’s Club, the St. Ann’s Women’s Club, and several local gardening clubs. 

She continues to write children’s books and YA historical fiction. Her newest book is based on the history of Somerset Place, a local NC historic site with ties to Edenton. 

You can find her books for sale throughout town and on her website.

She continues to visit local schools and support local organizations by participating in book signings and author events. 

If you ask Deanna and Dave why they love living in Edenton, they will talk about its walkability, its rich history, and its friendly community. 

“I enjoy having neighbors, people I talk to while walking Riley [their beautiful, sweet golden retriever]. I like that in Edenton there are so many people from different backgrounds. I love that Edenton has so much diversity!” explains Deanna. 

Deanna and Dave have invested even more in Edenton by now offering their own historic AirBnB backyard cottage, where they invite you to experience all that their new hometown has to offer. 

Folks from as far away as California and England have taken them up on their offer and have stayed in their charming guest cottage, which is less than two blocks from Broad Street (Edenton’s main downtown street) and is surrounded by exquisite gardens. 

When asked what advice they would give to someone looking to retire in Edenton, Deanna said, “Get a good pair of walking shoes and come with an open mind and welcoming heart. It will be different from where you’ve been, but that’s good!”

So, if you’re looking to retire, why not visit Edenton? Come stay with Deanna and Dave, and they will show you why investing in Edenton is the best retirement decision they’ve made. 

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