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Here, we believe that everyone wins when businesses and government work together. This is why every business in Edenton and Chowan County benefits from local, regional, and federal support. Together, we all succeed.


The governments of Edenton and Chowan County are steady, reliable, and predictable partners for your growth.


Find a new passion or revive an old one with numerous organizations and special interest groups.

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Edenton is a haven for business connections, groups, support, and more.


In Edenton and Chowan County, we are dedicated to creating and sustaining the industrial and manufacturing infrastructure our business partners need to thrive and grow.

But this is only the beginning.

Our business partners receive extensive support from a wide range of different opportunities including educational and training resources, tailored programs, and grants to help you meet your strategic initiatives.

We recognize the importance of providing the support you need and then getting out of your way so that you can run your business. 

The Herringbone was the proud recipient of a $25,000 building reuse grant from the NC Department of Commerce. The grant application was required to come from a town or municipality, not directly from the business owner. The Town of Edenton was incredibly supportive and quite professional in working with the Herringbone restaurant and the property owner Down and Out East Investments to pull together and submit the lengthy and detailed application. We are so grateful that the Town is so supportive of new businesses and is so willing to help. The final private investment for the project ended up at $2 Million. The restaurant has been open for 9 months and employs 50 people. The project also qualified for both NC State and Federal tax credits (20% each). The best part of the Herringbone is that it has become such a welcome part of the community. Locals and tourists alike meet and mingle on the waterfront and enjoy the space together. Both the Town of Edenton and Chowan County have been and continue to be big supporters of business and work hard to find solutions to help new business owners get established in this great community. Thank You to the Edenton Chowan Partnership!!

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Our economy carries a rich heritage of stability, economic growth, and entrepreneurship. Our business landscape is a mosaic of different industries, including industrial and manufacturing sectors, healthcare services, agriculture, tourism, and so much more. This drives investment, encouraging business endeavors with a wealth of opportunities that spark growth, development, and success. In Edenton and Chowan County, we’re not just conducting business – we’re building dreams, shaping futures, and contributing to a robust and vibrant economy that benefits everyone.

Operating a business in Edenton is an honor. The Town of Edenton recognizes the value of each job and works with existing businesses to facilitate growth and expansion.
Joan Maxwell
Founder, Regulator Marine