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Exciting New Construction in Edenton and Chowan County

Edenton Porch

If you’ve been considering a move to Edenton or Chowan County, now may be the perfect time to make the leap. Chowan County is experiencing a boom in new construction. 

It’s not a surprise. For more than 400 years, they’ve been taking advantage of the stunning natural beauty of the area, designing homes that blend beautifully into the history and landscape of this community.

Chowan County has always featured extraordinary architecture. Downtown Edenton has always featured big and beautiful southern-style homes with expansive porches. And “in the county,” big, beautiful farmhouses mix in with different neighborhoods spread throughout.

Today, we’d like to highlight three fascinating projects in Chowan County.

A New High School

They’ve recently begun work on a new High School. The demolition of John A. Holmes High School began this past year, and our community is watching with anticipation as the construction of a modern, state-of-the-art high school is underway near downtown Edenton. 

The school was built in the 1950s, and generations of the same local families have passed through its halls. 

Now, a new generation will benefit from additional classroom space, updated sports facilities, a performing arts center, and state-of-the-art science labs. 

Right now, everyone who drives along Edenton’s Broad St. sees construction groups working hard on our new high school, and we’re all excited about this next chapter in Edenton-Chowan Schools.

The Jackson Dairy Neighborhood

Longtime builders, Down East Preservation is well-known for building and restoring historic homes and buildings, including The Herringbone on Edenton’s waterfront.

Now, they are building the Jackson Dairy Neighborhood. This neighborhood is located on the east side of town on the location of the original Jackson Dairy, Chowan County’s dairy farm from the 1920s to mid-1970s. 

The Jackson Dairy Neighborhood features inviting porches facing each other so neighbors can greet each other and talk in close proximity, rekindling the connection between neighbors that was so strong in times past.

The Jackson Dairy Neighborhood is “an example of thoughtful development…modeled after Edenton neighborhoods built more than 100 years ago.”

Jackson Dairy’s grand opening is scheduled for June 3rd, but some homes are already occupied, and many others have already sold.

Project: Home

Another exciting initiative in Chowan County is Project:Home, a partnership between Rene Sawyer Realty and C.S.H. Builders.

Project:Home specializes in building homes ideally designed for people in different stages of life, including designs perfect for starter homes, young families, retirees, and even models designed to seamlessly incorporate future additions to a home.

This unique approach to home ownership provides families with homes built to suit their specific needs.

All along, you’ll benefit from being guided step-by-step through homeownership by two reputable companies with decades of experience helping people like you make their dream of home ownership a reality. 

With Project:Home, we are building beautiful homes for families in Colonial Village in Edenton that will last for decades. I’ve worked with hundreds of people over the years to buy their homes. I’m excited that we are finally giving people the opportunity to build their home around their life rather than their life around their home, whether they are younger first-time home buyers or looking for the perfect home to enjoy their retirement.

Rene Sawyer

We’re excited about the many new construction initiatives happening throughout Edenton and Chowan County that will better serve our residents and create a more inviting place to attract new businesses, employees, and families! 

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