The Friendly skies over Chowan County

101 W. Water Street Edenton NC 27932


Climate and Weather

Four seasons, one incredible place to live.

Experience All Four Seasons

It’s not too hot during the summer and not too cold during the winter, usually. Spring and fall offer plenty of opportunities for golfing, walking, boating, exploring the millponds, and spending time in nature. As for snow, it rarely snows more than 1-2 times per year, and never sticks around long.  In fact, some retirees have even moved to Edenton and left their snow shovels behind! 



Spring is a time when the world awakens in Edenton and Chowan County. Cool temperatures give way to warmer temps, the flowers begin to bloom, and boats begin hitting the water en masse. As the days lengthen, visitors begin coming to town, exploring the history and architecture all around the area. 



Summer is a time for trips to the world-class beaches on the Outer Banks (only 90 minutes away), music festivals, food trucks, community parties, and days out on the Albemarle Sound boating and fishing.

It is a busy time of year, with tourists strolling around downtown and summer evenings with friends spent eating at restaurants on a patio.



As schools go back into session and the farmers get ready for harvest, the leaves on the trees are changing colors, turning vibrant shades of orange, red, and yellow. The summer heat slowly begins to give way to cooler fall temperatures, making it the perfect time to take long walks and enjoy the scenery. The town is bustling with activity as people prepare for annual traditions like the Chowan County Regional Fair and Destination Downtown Edenton’s Halloween event.



Winter in Edenton is a magical time of year. Familiar holiday traditions, like the Christmas Candlelight Tour and Christmas parade, return with great fanfare. The air is crisp and fresh, with historical architecture adding depth to the season. The town’s residents come together to celebrate the season with festive events, caroling, and holiday markets. There’s a sense of warmth and community that fills the air, making it a truly special time to be in Edenton and Chowan County.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rarely, and some years not at all. Often, if it does snow, it is gone within 24 hours.

Sometimes, though, the last severe hurricane was 20+ years ago. Fortunately, we are close enough to the coast to enjoy the best of the ocean but far enough away to avoid most of the most damaging parts of severe weather like hurricanes.

The coldest months of the year are January and February, but even at their coldest, it rarely dips below freezing during daylight hours.

July and August are the hottest months, but the Albemarle Sound moderates temperatures to a surprising degree, so the humidity isn’t nearly as high as other areas. Summer temperatures can rise into the 90’s on the worst days.