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Economic Development

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Helping You Build Something Exceptional

In Edenton and Chowan County, you are never on your own. There’s a wide range of governmental, non-profit, and for-profit organizations here to help you grow and thrive.

Your Business Belongs Here

A diverse business climate exists here. From peanut fields to manufacturing, retail to health care, companies who locate here will find strong support and the resources you need for building and maintaining success.

Cultivating Your Workforce

Education and training are important drivers that lead to employee job satisfaction and a competent and skilled workforce. Edenton and Chowan County offer a wide variety of training that can be targeted for your specific business needs.

Workforce and Demographic Data

Learn more about the diverse, skilled workforce in Edenton and Chowan County.

Our Success Can Be Your Success

Through our public and private partnerships, we have been able to team with local businesses and industry to support their efforts for growth and expansion and to enable them to continue to be competitive industry leaders.

Taxes and Incentives

Low, competitive tax rates make the cost of living and doing business in Edenton and Chowan County the perfect choice.

Business Friendly Location

We're proud of what we have to offer within our town and county borders, but one of the things we love most is our location. Our coastal community links us strategically to the major ports, roadways, rail, and airports that can fully support your transportation needs.

What is Economic Development?

Extraordinary things don’t happen by accident. Edenton and Chowan County didn’t become a regional tourism hub or a thriving economic engine in a day. It took time, effort, and intentionality from the government, non-profits, companies, and individuals throughout this community.

As the chief driver of economic development in Chowan County, the Edenton Chowan Partnership is focused on supporting and growing the entire economic footprint of Chowan County to enhance the lives of every citizen in our community.  Whether it is helping to foster tourism, providing resources for our businesses, or offering pathways of support for an educated, well prepared, quality workforce, we are prepared to help meet the need.

The work of the Edenton Chowan Partnership encompasses a wide range of things that fall under economic development, from site selection and buildings, to workforce education, to grants and support.

Here in Chowan County, we recognize that our business partners are looking for an environment where they are welcome to invest and grow a wide range of support without interference.

Workforce and Demographic Data

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Economic Prosperity = Partnership Success

Explore some of the incredible success stories of our businesses.

The Edenton Chowan Partnership donated 8.8 acres for a $30,000,000 facility expansion and helped secure a  $156,000 One North Carolina Fund Grant to help fund the expansion effort. The project created 78 jobs.

The Edenton Chowan Partnership and the Town of Edenton helped Colony Tire secure a $400,000 building and reuse grant from the NC Department of Commerce for a 100,000 sq. ft. facility expansion. The Partnership funded a 5% match ($20,000) spurring a $3.3M+ private investment by Colony Tire.  The project created 40 new jobs.

The Edenton Chowan Partnership helped secure a $200,000 building and reuse grant from the NC Department of Commerce for a 13,000 sq. ft. facility expansion resulting in a $617,000 private investment by Regulator Marine. The project created 25+ jobs.

The Edenton Chowan Partnership helped Albemarle Boats secure a $150,000 building and reuse grant from the NC Department of Commerce for a 19,800 sq. ft. facility expansion. The project is a $2.1M private investment by Albemarle Boats with plans to create 21 new jobs.

The Edenton Chowan Partnership supported establishing offices and a factory in the former Carolina Classics boat factory and assisted Daedalus Yachts in receiving two $500,000 building and reuse grants from the NC Department of Commerce with a private investment of $879,755 by the company which is expected to create between 50-136 new jobs.

The Edenton Chowan Partnership funded an engineering study of use of the Old Ice Plant (Conger Building) leading to two development plans for a $4M multi-purpose retail/restaurant facility or craft brewery opening the door for the Herringbone Restaurant. The Partnership assisted in securing a $25,000 building and reuse grant from the NC Department of Commerce resulting in a private investment of $1.4M and created 43 full and part-time jobs.

The Edenton Chowan Partnership adopted resolutions encouraging governmental agencies to support dredging and waterfront development of the 50-acre site and other facilities at Stevens Towing Riverbulk Terminal.

The Edenton Chowan Partnership teamed with the Town and County to establish Nebraska Plastics second facility in Chowan County. The Partnership helped secure a $60,000 performance-based One NC Fund Grant from the NC Department of Commerce resulting in a $1M private investment that created 22 jobs.

The Edenton Chowan Partnership worked with Stevens Towing, the Town and County to establish JWF Industries and JWF Defense Systems at the Riverbulk Terminal which created 12+ jobs.

The Partnership redefined a conservation easement at 140 Midway Drive of 42.24 acres freeing up 22 acres suitable for industrial development to the Albemarle Sound and facilitated the sale of lots in the Phase I industrial site.  The Partnership secured a $25,000 Golden Leaf Grant to study future uses/limitations of a nearby firing range and funded $40,000 to develop 8 acres of Phase II of the  industrial park into shovel-ready lots.  The Partnership actively collaborates with the Town, County, and Airport Commission to support the growth and expansion of the airport.

The Edenton Chowan Partnership worked to expand cooperative workforce education programs; supported Career Readiness Certificates that enabled Chowan County to be a workforce-ready Community; and partnered with the College of the Albemarle to develop CDL training courses, boat building courses, and planning for future careers.


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