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Colony Tire: Building Together for a Prosperous Future

Colony Tire is a well-known name in Chowan County and the surrounding area. In the course of Edenton’s history, there have been few businesses like Colony Tire.

In fact, Colony Tire is a family-owned company that has created generational customers around these parts. 

Over 45 years ago, Charlie Creighton and George Wood opened Creywood Oil with two employees and a dream. 

At first, like any new company, they struggled to cover checks to their suppliers, scrambled to pay their employees, and had to borrow trucks for their first newspaper ad.

However, days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. And, through grit, focus, and determination, months turned into years.

“Three years after we opened, we went into the tire business beginning in Roper, NC.” 

Looking back, this turned out to be one of the single best decisions in the history of the company.

This simple decision not only shaped the future of Creywood Oil, but it would also change Edenton and thousands of its residents forever.

The tires were, to say the least, a hit.

Now called Colony Tire, this family business is one of the country’s leading tire distributors. 

What started as two gas pumps in Rodanthe has expanded into a multi-million dollar business that spans several states and employs over 900 employees in over 40+ locations. 

In Edenton alone, there are almost 200 employees and a beautiful new corporate headquarters facility, just a mile or so from where it all started on Coke Ave!

Now, Colony Tire supplies millions of tires per year to truck fleets, construction companies, heavy equipment companies, mines, farms, tire dealers, and car dealerships throughout the region.

Every day in Edenton, you’ll see Atlantic Tire Distributor (a subsidiary of Colony Tire) trucks making deliveries to their countless customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee.

With nine warehouses in three states, they deliver over 300 truckloads daily to customers up and down the east coast.

So, what has been the driving force behind Colony Tire’s incredible growth and success?

“We believe that what makes us better is our people, and we work hard to become a preferred place to work, so they stay with us long term.”

This is why Colony Tire has been one of the biggest and best employers in Edenton for decades. 

Now, after 48 years of business, they are even employing generations of Edentonians. Giving jobs to both parents and their children.

Colony Tire values a variety of skills and offers lots of job opportunities from manufacturing tires, to stocking tires, delivering them, selling them, installing and repairing them. Additionally, they’ve got positions in automotive parts and administration. 

This is the American Dream. 

People who work at Colony Tire know that they are part of a family, building a lifelong career and not just working a job. 

In fact, everyone from the top down is considered an Associate and has the support needed to continually grow and improve. 

These Associates are encouraged to think outside the box in order to provide the best customer service! And it shows. 

All of this growth, all of these jobs, all of this economic prosperity, and all of the families that have been supported through the years have come from two self-serve gas pumps in Rodanthe, NC.

And, with all this success, they’ve never even considered leaving Edenton.

“I don’t recall any situation where we needed to do something for our business, and the town blocked us in any way. Both Edenton and Chowan County have always supported us!”

Charlie certainly could have moved the headquarters to a larger city, but they’ve stayed right here in Edenton.

Why didn’t Colony Tire take its success and move to a bigger city that might have more potential employees, be more centrally located, and closer to their customers?

“We love Edenton. If we had moved somewhere else, we’d fight higher prices, more congestion, and we wouldn’t have the quality of life nor the incredible support that we get around here.”

Colony Tire is a nationally recognized company, but it is also a small-town family. 

They want all Associates to grow, so Charlie Creighton focuses on hiring from within, believing their employees do best when they start and stay here.

And a lot of Associates do stay with Colony Tire for decades because they know they are valued, treated well, and that the company from the top down cares about them, their families, and their wellbeing.

If this sounds familiar, it is because the ethos that infuses Colony Tire is the ethos that infuses Edenton.

A lot of people get here and realize they have opportunities and a quality of life that are unparalleled anywhere else.

And, we have businesses like Colony Tire to thank for that. We have good, long-term, stable employers who care about their employees and work hard to provide a good job in a great town to live in!

Edenton and Colony Tire have grown stronger year after year because of their symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship. 

Around here, we know for all of us to succeed, we need the economic prosperity that businesses like Colony Tire bring to town. And, these same businesses need the support of the local government to help create the conditions for them to grow and thrive.

We are all in this together, and that is why we continue to grow and flourish!

So, what does the future hold?

Continued growth toward the 50th anniversary of Colony Tire. Continued relationships built throughout the community. Continued economic progress both for the company and Chowan County! 

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