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Celebrating the Holidays in Chowan County

As you drive down Broad Street in Edenton, you’ll notice glittering Christmas lights and festive decorations beginning to adorn shop windows.

Evergreen holiday wreaths with bright red bows hang from the streetlamps, and kids are looking forward to the annual tree lighting and visit from Santa Claus.

Chowan County is gearing up for the holidays…and the winter season.

For people in many other parts of the country, winter means scraping ice off their car windshields in single-digit weather, making sure their snow blowers are in order, and preparing to hunker down in piles of blankets or by a warm hearth. 

But winter in Chowan County isn’t exactly like that.

To begin with, the weather is generally milder, which is nice because we can continue to enjoy all of the outdoor activities that Edenton offers. 

Sure, we wear cozy sweaters and even break out our winter jackets and knit hats for an occasionally colder-than-normal day, but overall, the sunshine and milder temperatures mean we can watch the Christmas parade march down Broad Street without our noses turning red and our fingers growing numb. 

For those who still appreciate a beautiful snowfall, Edenton usually gets one or two good snowfalls every year. 

The kids cobble together snowsuits, grab makeshift sleds, and head to the overpass hill for a day or two of ultimate sledding, followed by mugs of steaming hot chocolate, of course!

And, even those rare snow days are genuinely appreciated because we haven’t been buried in snow for the last few months.  

We haven’t spent day after day trying to shovel a path from our front door to the car.  We can enjoy the snow before it melts away without getting tired of it. 

The holidays in Edenton are magical! From the Christmas tree lighting and flotilla to the Candlelight Christmas Tour of historic homes, there are numerous special events that bring the community together to celebrate the season.

The Edenton-Chowan Recreation Department offers a winter basketball league for kids.  

And, of course, boat rides, trolley tours, and the waterfront playground provide more fun for the whole family.

It’s still pleasant enough to snuggle arm-in-arm with your sweetie while walking along the waterfront pier and catching a spectacular Edenton sunset.

And while you won’t usually find the waterways frozen over for ice-skating, it’s nice to take a day trip to the Outer Banks to enjoy the surf and sand without the crowds of people. 

You can spend a relaxing winter day there without fighting the crowds of summer tourists.

Finally, as winter settles in, several hundred thousand snow geese escape from arctic temperatures to find a home here on the eastern coast of North Carolina. 

In addition to the snow geese, large tundra swans choose to winter here because of Edenton’s prime location near the Albemarle Sound and the abundance of farming, which both provide food for them. 

During the winter months, large snow white flocks cover fields that once brimmed with cotton and soybeans. 

Winter in Chowan County is truly a magical time of the year! 

While it provides a break from the heat of the summer months, it’s not so cold that you can’t enjoy all that Edenton has to offer.  

Our winter is full of fun activities, natural beauty, and a few unique surprises. 

One year local kids enjoyed romping in the waves of the Albemarle Sound in their bathing suits on Monday, but by Friday, they were packing snowballs while dressed in their snowsuits.

That was a week to remember.

So, don’t get trapped in the snow and ice during this winter. 

Instead, we invite you to join us here in Chowan County to experience the winter season and holiday celebrations with us!

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