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How Can We Help You? 7 Ways Edenton Chowan Partnership Supports Businesses

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Edenton and Chowan County are quickly growing as a key regional hub for businesses by combining a dynamic workforce, business friendly government, and affordable real estate options.  Formed on the banks of the Albemarle Sound more than 400 years ago, our agricultural community is centrally located along the East Coast and has attracted a diversity […]

ECU Health Chowan Hospital: A Local, Community Partner

In small towns all across America, local hospitals are vanishing, causing healthcare to become more concentrated into larger metro areas and leaving communities increasingly without access to good, local healthcare. And it isn’t just hospitals.  In many of these more rural areas, doctors’ offices and specialty clinics are also closing in favor of more metropolitan […]

10 Great Manufacturing Companies to Work for in Chowan County

All across the country, manufacturing facilities are looking for skilled workers to fill positions. The demand and opportunities are only increasing in this job sector. Are you currently looking to start a new career or switch careers in the manufacturing industry? If so, we’ve got some great news!  Chowan County is home to several fantastic […]

Regulator Marine: A Culture of Caring

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Culture is often one of the most overused buzzwords in the workplace today.  Employers love to talk a lot about “workplace culture” but for many employees, such talk is meaningless. It’s only the source of endless emails and meetings that waste everyone’s time.  But in Chowan County, North Carolina, there’s one company that does “culture” […]

Chief King: Making History in Edenton

Edenton has always been a small town with deep historical roots. Buildings, cemeteries, roads, and homes tell the story of generations of people who have called this town home. The history here makes this place an idyllic place to live. But, we aren’t trapped by our history either. Edenton is filled with cutting-edge manufacturing.  We […]

4 Great Weekends to Visit Chowan County in 2024

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Are you trying to find the right location to open a new business or move an existing company? Perhaps you are considering employment with one of our local businesses or industries? Or, maybe you are seeking the perfect retirement location? Chowan County is a great place to consider for relocation or your next business venture! […]

The Edenton Chowan Partnership – Implementing a Vision for the Future

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In Edenton and Chowan County, North Carolina, we are proud of our deep-rooted heritage.  From the first woman-led colonial protest against the English monarchy to several signers of the Declaration of Independence, this place has a prominent history in the birth of America.  We strive to preserve and celebrate the historic people, places, and events […]

North Carolina’s Lt. Governor visited Chowan County

It’s not every day that Chowan County is visited by the lieutenant governor of North Carolina, but August 3, 2023, wasn’t an ordinary day. Thanks to the cooperative efforts of several prominent businesses on Peanut Drive, including Regulator Marine, Colony Tire, JLA, Olam, and Hampton Farms Peanuts, Edenton welcomed Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson.  These businesses […]