Summer is shaping up to be a fun and busy season!

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Summer in Chowan County


Summer is in the air. You can smell it. Boats fill the water, kids play at the parks, and families look forward to summer vacations. Here in Chowan County, summer is a season that brings our community together to celebrate the heritage and lifestyle we enjoy here on the Albemarle Sound.  If you’re curious about […]

Boogie on Broad: An Edenton Tradition

Every community worth living in has its own unique traditions – events and gatherings that bring the community together to celebrate their shared history and culture.  In Chowan County, North Carolina, one such beloved tradition is Boogie on Broad, an annual street party that features music, dancing, food, and fun, that is the unofficial kickoff […]

Chief King: Making History in Edenton

Edenton has always been a small town with deep historical roots. Buildings, cemeteries, roads, and homes tell the story of generations of people who have called this town home. The history here makes this place an idyllic place to live. But, we aren’t trapped by our history either. Edenton is filled with cutting-edge manufacturing.  We […]