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Edenton and Chowan County has experienced many expansions over the last few years. Much of the success can be attributed to an engaged Mayor and Town Council and the Town Of Edenton Town Manager besides Chowan County Manager and the Chowan County Board of Commissioners.

All these important stakeholders are all working together to help foster a positive business environment as well as providing a strong partnership between the Edenton Chowan Partnership and the Town of Edenton-Chowan County business community. The Town of Edenton-Chowan County values economic development, underscored by the following case studies.

Case Studies

The benefits of living and doing business in Edenton, NC.

Jimbo’s Jumbos

The Town of Edenton secured a $450,000 block grant in 2016 allowing Jimbo’s Jumbos, a firm that processes peanuts for companies from all over the world, to pursue a 200,000 square-foot expansion with a water and electrical system upgrade and road improvements. In turn, the company created 78 new jobs. “Without the help of the Edenton Chowan Partnership donating eight (8) acres of land they owned to help with the completion of our 200,000 square-foot expansion, plus the help from the Town of Edenton, we may have had to make other decisions as to where we put our expansion and may have had to relocate somewhere else,” said Hal Burns, general manager at Jimbo’s Jumbos. It is one example of a partnership in which town officials, the economic development non-profit organization- Edenton Chowan Partnership and an existing local business worked together toward a common goal of benefiting the local economy.

Regulator Marine

More than a Story of Survival

In August 2008, while fishing off the coast of Nantucket in their Regulator 26, Scott Douglas and Rich St. Pierre survived a near-tragedy when a rogue wave threw them overboard, forcing them to swim to shore for safety….

While the fishermen survived, the “Queen Bee” was swept away and thought to be gone forever, until early 2012 when it mysteriously washed up off the coast of Spain following an incredible three-and-a-half year, 3,000-plus–mile journey out to sea. The 26-foot sportfisher was discovered with its two engines intact and its hull still seaworthy — with first-aid kit, radio, nautical maps, fire extinguishers and other key components in place. With the exception of rust, mussel attachment, and a slightly bruised T-top frame, the boat emerged with little more than a few broken latches — proof that American manufacturing is alive and well.  Here’s the rest of the story:

Steven’s Towing Company

Simon Rich, III, and Stevens Towing Company of North Carolina wanted to expand their presence in Chowan County at the United Piece and Dye Plant on the Chowan River and asked the Edenton Chowan Partnership for not only support for this project but also to help navigate through the various zoning regulations in order to make this project viable.  Over the last fifteen years, Mr. Rich and his company have demonstrated their commitment to our region and have provided us with a major service that has become increasingly important to industrial development.  Increasing, their clients were asking about barge services that can move materials to ports along the East coast.  Stevens Towing has demonstrated consistently its ability to serve important industrial clients in our region, such as MiTek and Nucor Steel.  The expansion of Stevens Towing and Barge Company resulted in a major investment in order to begin operations in attracting other industrial clients to Northeastern North Carolina.

A. R. Chesson Construction, Co. Inc.

Small Towns Provide Success and Opportunity

Construction in Focus magazine’s April 2018 edition featured A. R. Chesson Construction, Co. Inc. Great story about a competent contractor doing significant work in Edenton, Chowan County and the Albemarle region. Follow this link to page 53 of the magazine and flip through to read their full story.

From past projects like the restoration of the Chowan River Lighthouse, the last screw-pile on the Albemarle, to the construction from scratch of the new Edenton Police Station, Chesson does it all and proves the accuracy of the story’s headline: Small Towns Provide Success and Opportunity.

In addition to the magazine’s piece, Chesson expanded the story so you can read and see current projects they have underway in Edenton for companies such as internationally known Regulator Marine, regional lumber yard Kellogg Supply Company, and the multi-state Colony Tire Company’s new Edenton headquarters.  To do so, open this PDF: A R Chesson Updated.

Daedalus Yachts

Edenton’s $12M Yacht

Backing from a mapping-technology guru sparks a pioneering plan to build a yacht appealing to its wealthy customers’ green instincts.

Read the full article from March 2019 Business North Carolina

Key Employers Serving Chowan County

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