Summer is shaping up to be a fun and busy season!

101 W. Water Street Edenton NC 27932

Boogie on Broad: An Edenton Tradition

Every community worth living in has its own unique traditions – events and gatherings that bring the community together to celebrate their shared history and culture. 

In Chowan County, North Carolina, one such beloved tradition is Boogie on Broad, an annual street party that features music, dancing, food, and fun, that is the unofficial kickoff to the spring and summer seasons!

Boogie on Broad takes place on Broad Street (now you understand the name!), the main thoroughfare in downtown Edenton. Lined with historic buildings and lit up with twinkling lights, Broad Street provides the perfect backdrop for an evening of festivities. 

The Adrian Duke Band headlined this year’s boogie on Broad. And they were an absolute hit. 

Food trucks aplenty lined up, serving hundreds of partygoers into the night. 

There’s little wonder that Boogie on Broad is such a beloved tradition in Chowan County. And, it returns year after year, supported by many of the local businesses that drive Edenton 

Boogie on Broad kicks off the Sounds of Summer series, which returns June 1, with the Natty Love Joys.

Take a look at a few of the photos and mark your calendars to join us on June 1. But be careful. it only takes one visit to fall in love with this community.

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