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Albemarle Boats: An Exceptional Choice

One of the main attractions that draws people to Edenton and Chowan County is its location on the beautiful Albemarle Sound. 

From the Indigenous Peoples who lived along its bountiful banks to the first European explorers who settled the area in the 1600s to the retirees who find a peaceful retreat here today, the popularity of the Albemarle Sound has never wavered. 

So, of course, you’ll find a thriving maritime industry in Chowan County, catering not only to the people who live here but also to people who explore and enjoy waterways all over the world. 

One of Chowan County’s premier boat manufacturers is Albemarle Boats, whose reputation for dedication to their craft and versatility in meeting market demands is world-renowned. 

Many families who live in Chowan County enjoy boating on the Albemarle Sound, catching fish and spectacular sunsets while relaxing on the water. 

There is nothing better for a family than to spend a day out together on their boat!

There is something special when moms, dads, kids, and families get away from the busyness of life and spend time together.

Albemarle Boats have long been known for being durable fishing vessels, capable of helping you make the big catch and spend more time out on the water long after other boats are back to shore.

But Albemarle Boats are about something more, they are about creating memories and connections with the people you care about most.

Of course, families want boats that are well-built, durable, and dependable, and Albemarle Boats offers all of that and more. 

As a semi-custom boat builder, Albemarle Boats matches the refined manufacturing process of a factory with exceptional customizability.

What makes an Albemarle Boat so exceptional?

First, they are exceptionally durable. 

Boaters and fishermen choose Albemarle Boats over and over again because they deliver unmatched quality by using only the best components available and by incorporating advanced construction techniques and testing. 

From their hand-laid, solid fiberglass construction to their bronze/stainless steel underwater gear and color-coded, tinned, stranded copper wiring throughout, an Albemarle Boat is made to be the best!

In addition, every completed boat undergoes extensive sea-trials and testing and comes with a ten-year, transferable limited hull warranty. 

So, families can rest assured that their boat will stand up to the roughest elements and keep them safe over the long-haul. 

Secondly, families will enjoy the exceptional comfort that an Albemarle Boat offers. 

Albemarle Boats are legendary for their uniquely crafted hull which allows them to ride through the choppiest waters smoothly. Your family will appreciate cruising comfortably.

Also, you’ll find wide-open, uncluttered cockpits; spacious, well-appointed cabins; and plenty of storage in just the right places to fit all of your family’s necessaries whether you’ll be on the water overnight or just for the day. 

Thoughtful amenities like air conditioning, heat, and weather-proofing extend the seasons that your family can enjoy being out on the water. 

Finally, you can expect exceptional treatment as part of the Albemarle Boat family.

When your family decides to purchase an Albemarle Boat, you become a part of their family and you are treated like one of their own. 

They take pride in providing the highest level of customer service that keeps customers coming back generation after generation.

They are dedicated to building customer relationships that are as durable and dependable as their boats. 

They are committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure that your Albemarle ownership experience is pleasurable, hassle-free, and one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. 

Family is important here in Chowan County, so it’s no wonder Albemarle Boats is one of our premier boat builders who puts so much care and attention into creating extraordinary boats made for the whole family to enjoy! 

Check out our Explorer’s Guide and see for yourself why so many families call Edenton and Chowan County their home.

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