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Our business is growing

The business of growing is growing

Chowan County, located in the Coastal Plain region of North Carolina, is known for abundant agricultural crops, including cotton, soybeans, peanuts, sage, cantaloupes, watermelons, and a variety of other fruits and vegetables. This is an area with deep soils, abundant flat land, and long growing seasons. Chowan County farmers also produce a variety of livestock.


Chowan County's abundance of productive farmland and timberland make our community the perfect location for any agribusiness to put down roots. From farmer's market stands to national food processing companies, we've got the business for your agribusiness.


Acre upon acre of timberland grace our horizon. With over 50,000 acres of soft and hardwood timber, forestry is one of Chowan County's major contributors to the economy of our community.


Chowan County has a viable agricultural sector that is an important part of the total county fabric of life. Farmland is an irreplaceable natural resource, and the farmers who are stewards of this resource impact the economy and quality of life for all county residents.

Agribusiness Leaders in Chowan County

Jimbo's Jumbos Logo

Jimbo's Jumbos

Jimbo’s Jumbos, Inc. – Hampton Farms, located on Peanut Drive in Edenton,  operates as a buyer, miller, sheller, and processor of peanuts and other nuts. The Company provides consumer packaged processed and raw in-the-shell peanuts. Jimbo’s Jumbos serves customers in the United States.

JLA Logo

JLA International

JLA International, located on Peanut Drive in Edenton, specializes in food safety and product testing.

Olam logo

Olam Edible Nuts

Olam Edible Nuts, located on Peanut Drive in Edenton, is a service company that produces peanut butter and other peanut food products.

VA Fork Produce

VA Fork Produce Company, Inc.

VA Fork Produce Company, Inc. was founded in 1970. The company’s line of business includes the wholesale distribution of animal feeds, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, and other farm supplies.

Southern AG Carriers

Southern AG Carriers, Inc.

Southern AG Carriers, Inc. complements the region’s food industries and understands the connection between harvesting and delivering. Whether your transportation needs require van, refrigerated, or flatbed trailers, Southern AG has the resources to meet your needs. To ensure quality and safe handling of food, the company has earned two certifications testifying to the quality of their work–SQF & HACCP.

CA Perry and Son

C.A. Perry & Son, Inc.

C. A. Perry & Son, Inc. offers a variety of services from several locations in Northeastern, NC, including locations in Chowan County, Gates County, and Pasquotank County.  They sell and apply custom blended fertilizers, farm chemicals, and a variety of seed including Pioneer, Asgrow and others.  The company buys grain, peanuts and cotton seed and provides U.S. Government bonded warehouse storage space for agricultural crops and goods.  C.A. Perry & Son Transit is also part of the family-owned business with 40 over-the-road trucks hauling loads for its parent company. They also offer trucks for hire and have authority in 33 states.

national fish hatchery

Edenton National Fish Hatchery - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Since 1898, the Edenton National Fish Hatchery, located in the historic port town of Edenton, has been a site that has produced warm water fish for public use, restoration, and/or threatened or endangered species recovery. All of the current fish programs there are associated with the State of North Carolina. The Edenton National Fish Hatchery is the largest striped bass producer in the entire National Fish Hatchery System.  Along with striped bass, the Hatchery also raises Lake Sturgeon, Cape Fear Shiners, Gopher Frogs, and Johnny Darters.  Self guided tours are available for individuals and small groups.


Forestry is thriving

Chowan County has more than 50,000 acres of private timberland including both hard and softwood. 

Chowan Agriculture

Steeped in Agriculture

In Chowan County, our farms are growing, farm-related income is up, and the diverse agricultural base includes a wide variety of crops, livestock, poultry, and more.