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About Edenton and Chowan County

A place where business and life support each other.

A Great History, an Even Better Future

Edenton and Chowan County have been proud members of North Carolina’s Albemarle region for over 400 years. While other towns have come and gone, we have remained a bastion of tradition and community since the very beginning.

Our Past

Know as the "Cradle of the Colony," Chowan County was founded in 1668 by English settlers. It was named Chowan for the Chowan River and the Chowanoac Indians who inhabited the region. Founded in 1712, Edenton was the first colonial capital of North Carolina, serving as a hub of trade, politics, and culture for a bustling colony. The town's prominence during the Revolutionary War era is well-documented, with many of its residents playing a pivotal role in the fight for independence.

Our Present

Today, Chowan County boasts an impressive array of businesses, institutions, and attractions that showcase our dynamic present and promising future. Our downtown area is known for its charming shops and restaurants, as well as the numerous events and festivals that take place throughout the year.

Our Future

Our legacy extends beyond historical events. Throughout the centuries, our town has been shaped and defined by the dedication of numerous individuals and organizations who have committed themselves to making Edenton and Chowan County a better and more vibrant place.

Our Past

Beginning as a small fishing village more than a century before the Revolutionary War, Edenton has been home to war heroes, governors, Supreme Court justices, and abolitionists. 

Our illustrious history includes famous pirates, heartbreaking stories of heroism, patriotic courage, and more.

Edenton is one of the most interesting places in the country.

Roanoke River Lighthouse
Albemarle boats

Our Present

Today, Chowan County is economically, socially, and culturally vibrant, maybe more so than ever.

Growing businesses, a thriving economy, rising home prices, art galleries, and more have made Edenton a fast-growing hub.

We’ve been setting all kinds of records, winning awards, and growing quickly.

Our Future

As bright as things are, we are convinced that our future is even brighter.

Generations of citizens have made important investments in education, infrastructure, and the economy which have set the stage for the most exciting period of growth in our history.

Things have been good, and they are quickly becoming great.

Chowan county agriculture

The Partnership

At the heart of everything is the Edenton Chowan Partnership.

Established as a local partner for businesses, the partnership recruits, supports, and advances the interests of all of our businesses and community organizations.

If you are looking to invest in a place that will invest in you, Edenton and Chowan County is where you want to be.

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