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7 Reasons We Are Thankful to Live in Chowan County

7 Reasons We Are Thankful to Live in Chowan County

This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving.

It’s a day we look forward to gathering with family and friends and reminding each other of all the blessings we enjoy.

In Chowan County, we are truly grateful as we reflect on the many reasons why we are thankful to live here. 

If you’ve never heard of Chowan County or have yet to visit here, you may not understand just how special this place is. 

Here are 7 reasons why we are thankful to live in Chowan County:

  1. Warmth

Sure, the weather is warmer here than in many other parts of the country. There isn’t even a hint of snow yet around here, and we probably won’t have to worry about that for some time. 

But, warmth isn’t just about the weather. 

For those of us who live here, it’s the warm cozy feeling you get relaxing beside a fireplace snuggled in your favorite chair, reading your favorite book. 

And, it’s the warm, welcoming atmosphere you experience throughout this community.

It’s the friendly greetings as you enter local shops, the genuine smiles of passersby, and the feeling that you really belong here.

  1. Peace

Most people who move here from the city mention how much more peaceful it is living here.  

Maybe it’s the quiet expanses of farmland, or perhaps it’s the daily reminders of gorgeous sunsets over the water…

there is an all-pervasive sense that we can enjoy this moment without trying to scratch the next thing off our to-do lists. 

Living in Chowan County, people have the ability to enjoy each moment of life more fully, and we never take that for granted.

  1. Beauty

It’s rare to find one place that offers beauty in so many distinct ways.

In Edenton, you’ll find daily expressions of beauty through art, music, and nature. 

From the great classical composers to modern pop, smooth jazz concerts to marching band competitions, church choirs and street musicians, music fills the air throughout Edenton.

And, art lovers will find incredible art galleries, local artisans’ wares, and opportunities to not only appreciate art but to also create it.  

Of course, Chowan County’s natural beauty is legendary! 

Just take a moment to sit by the Albemarle Sound, listen to the cries of snow geese as they land on the water, and bask in the golden rays of a stunning sunset.

  1. Contentment

People who live in Chowan County find comfortable housing, safe neighborhoods, and plentiful job opportunities. 

They are surrounded by a supportive community, pristine beauty, and daily peace. 

And this lifestyle promotes contentment

They’re not stuck in a rat race. They’re not scanning the horizon looking for the next thing or trying to fill gaps in their lives.

Instead, they’re enjoying contentment, right here and right now. And that feels great.

  1. Community

We all have a zillion friends on Facebook. But, despite this, we are living in an increasingly isolated world. 

Well, most of us, that is…but not here in Chowan County. 

We have friends of all ages, political persuasions, career fields, experiences, cultures, and backgrounds. 

Our community is home to a wider and more diverse collection of people than just about anywhere.

And we regularly get together to celebrate this diverse community!

  1. Opportunity

This rich diversity of people decided to call Chowan County their home because of the endless opportunities they found here.

People from all over the world have settled in Edenton for a variety of reasons.

Some have found the perfect spot to retire.  Others have discovered numerous resources to support their businesses.  

In fact, quite a few who thought they’d only be passing through actually never left. 

And that’s, in part, due to the opportunities they found here to create the life they’d always wanted. 

  1. Prosperity

Before the advent of the internet, if you wanted to “make it” you needed to move to a big city to compete. 

People have been doing this for literally thousands of years. 

Today, though, things have totally changed. How much? 

Well, people in Chowan County regularly do business with people from all over the world – from London, to Australia, to the Philippines – all without leaving Edenton. 

This may seem like a strange new phenomenon for many people, but for us, it’s just a normal part of life. 

From local entrepreneurs to international companies that have set up shop in Edenton, we have access to a global marketplace.

And that means we benefit from unlimited economic opportunities but don’t have to put up with the problems of a crowded metropolitan area.

These are just seven reasons why we love living in Edenton and Chowan County, though we could add many more.

But, now it’s time to settle in, chow down on some turkey, and be thankful. We hope your holidays are filled with beauty, contentment, and prosperity.

If you’re looking for those things and more, we invite you to come see what Chowan County can offer you! 

Happy Thanksgiving.

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