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5 Questions People Ask Before Moving To Chowan County


In Chowan County, North Carolina, the charming scenery and relaxed lifestyle bring people of all ages to consider this county and Edenton, the “South’s Prettiest Town”, as their retirement destination.

Of course, potential retirees have a number of questions they need answered before making the move here. Perhaps you’re looking for a retirement destination and are considering Chowan County. 

Let us answer the top five questions people ask before retiring to Edenton and Chowan County.

What Kind of Housing Is Available?

Chowan County boasts numerous housing options, from single-family homes to condos and apartments, with prices ranging from moderately priced to a substantial investment. Many homes are on or near the waterfront, which is a huge drawing point for retirees. 

There are many different styles from Cotton Mill cottages to Cape Cod bungalows to historic Victorian homes. Additionally, many homes are within walking distance of downtown Edenton, so retirees can enjoy convenient shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

You also have the option to buy land and build your dream retirement home. 

Whether you’re looking for the quintessential downtown neighborhood or a peaceful country estate, Chowan County has the perfect home for you.  For retirees who don’t wish to purchase a home, there are luxury condominiums at the Cotton Mill Village and waterfront condominiums at Wharf Landing, as well as a few apartment complexes throughout the county. 

Is Chowan County Affordable?

Chowan County’s cost of living is lower than the national average and offers retirees the opportunity to stretch their retirement savings. North Carolina is one of the more tax favorable states for retirement.

Provided they meet certain criteria, North Carolina residents over the age of 65 may be eligible to receive tax exemptions on retirement income, Social Security benefits, and property taxes. In addition to tax benefits and its lower cost of living, our county offers retirees many additional benefits through local organizations. 

The Chowan Senior Center in town offers many free and reduced-cost activities including lunches, a fitness center, and social events. Several local organizations, such as churches, the American Legion and ECU Health, offer other free services, including health screenings and medication, and social opportunities to assist retirees.

Are There Medical Facilities in the Area?

Edenton features a number of medical facilities, including a hospital with ER facilities, an urgent care center, and several primary care offices. A variety of physician specialists and specialty clinics are available in town, so people can get the care they need closer to home.

Several pharmacies, including Blount’s Mutual Drugs right downtown on Broad Street, make filling prescriptions or picking up OTC items easy. Dental offices, chiropractic care, and massage therapy are also available locally in Edenton.

What Activities Are Available for Retirees?

Whether you enjoy outdoor recreation or indoor pastimes, Chowan County offers a wealth of activities for retirees. Visit the historic Edenton waterfront for a stroll, enjoy fishing and boating on the Albemarle Sound, or take advantage of the county’s many parks and trails for biking, walking, and bird watching.

For cultural activities, Edenton features street festivals, art shows, and numerous holiday events throughout the year. As a retiree here, you’ll enjoy some of Chowan County’s most iconic celebrations, such as Boogie on Broad, Shrimp By the Bay, the Christmas Flotilla and Parade, and the Chowan County Fair. If you’re looking for indoor opportunities, the Chowan Senior Center features indoor games, the library offers monthly events, and the American Legion sponsors weekly bingo. 

What About Social Opportunities in Chowan County?

In Chowan County, retirees will have no trouble finding social activities and clubs to join. There are a variety of groups and events that meet regularly, from quilting and book clubs to veterans’ groups and movie nights. Several clubs and volunteer organizations offer ways for retirees to meet and get involved in town life, including a gardening club, the Edenton Woman’s Club, and a running club.

You can meet other retirees on the golf course, tennis courts, or at a local ballgame.Many downtown shops also hold special social events throughout the year. You can find a calendar of events at visitedenton.com.

Retirees who are considering relocating to Edenton and Chowan County will find plenty of opportunities for a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement. 

With a variety of housing options, social and recreational activities, medical facilities, and a lower-than-average cost of living, Chowan County is a great choice for retirement.

We invite you to visit and check out all that Edenton and Chowan County can offer you!

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