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We are a regional hub for business that combines a dynamic workforce, business friendly government, and affordable real estate.

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An Economic Powerhouse

As a regional economic powerhouse, tourist destination, and dynamic family-oriented community, it’s no wonder businesses are excited about investing in Edenton and Chowan County.

Formed on the banks of the Albemarle Sound more than 400 years ago, we’ve always been an agricultural community, shaped by the seasons and the soil.

But, while we retain our proud agricultural heritage, we’ve become a manufacturing and industrial hub. Peanut Drive, named for one of our most famous crops, has become one of the most exciting and busy industrial parks in Eastern North Carolina.

A local regional airport, proximity to the world-famous Outer Banks, access to ports, and easy access to large cities, make doing business in Chowan County a breeze.

There's a lot to discover about Edenton and Chowan County

About us

Life in Chowan County is about more than just our past. It's a vibrant, active community that's as diverse as the people who call it home. From our bustling business sector to our thriving tourism industry, there's always something happening in Edenton.


Whether you have an entrepreneurial spirit or need to expand your growing business, Edenton and Chowan County is a solid investment location. We have the sites, people, and training opportunities you need.


Numerous businesses call Edenton and Chowan County Home. From retail businesses located in a vibrant downtown to world-class sport boat manufacturers, thriving agribusiness, to large corporations, we have what it takes for success.

Life and community

Edenton's historical legacy stretches back to the birth of our nation, making it a town rich in tales and architectural treasures. As you walk our quaint streets, you'll be treading the same ground as some of our nation's founding fathers.

Edenton Chowan Partnership

Economic prosperity equals Partnership success. The Edenton Chowan Partnership supports local government leaders to connect you with the grants, incentives, and resources you need for your business to thrive.

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There's a place for you here in Edenton. We're more than just a town—we're a community, bound by a shared love for this place we call home. Whether you're new to town or a long-time resident, we invite you to engage, participate, and help shape the future of our community.

There's a reason why so many people are flocking to Edenton and Chowan County.

Business and government are intertwined, creating a dynamic public-private partnership that is growing the community and expanding our reach.

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Have Questions about Edenton and Chowan County?

Do you have places for us to invest?

Businesses need real estate. We have a wide selection of sites in Chowan County perfect for a wide range of industrial and manufacturing needs.



Are there resources for me to start a business?

Looking for the perfect home for your new business? Edenton and Chowan County provide the right mix of location, workforce, and  governmental support, to help you launch it successfully. 

Is Edenton Conveniently Located?

Whether you need to travel, or export and import by land, air, or sea, we can provide you easy access to all three.

What types of support are available to me?

The Edenton Chowan Partnership seeks to improve our community through supporting initiatives and providing resources that support economic growth and enhance the quality of life for the citizens in our community.

What educational opportunities are available in Chowan County?

Here in Chowan County, we have a wide variety of opportunities for K-12 education in both public and private options. Additionally, there are numerous local and regional colleges and universities.  


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