About Edenton Chowan Partnership

The Edenton Chowan Partnership, Inc. is an Internal Revenue Service recognized 501 (c) (3) North Carolina corporation. Our primary goal is to improve the quality of life for all of those living in the Town of Edenton and Chowan County through the use of economic development strategies which will build a stronger and more stable, sustainable economic base.  From supporting the expansion of existing businesses to recruiting new industries, the Partnership’s overall efforts are to bolster the Town of Edenton and Chowan County’s business climate for all.


The Edenton Chowan Partnership’s Vision is a growing economy, enriched lives for our residents and ongoing economic development opportunities that serve to advance the Town of Edenton and Chowan County, which contribute to the creation and retention of quality jobs, increased tax base and improved sustainability.

The Edenton Chowan Partnership’s Mission is to foster responsible economic development opportunities in order to continue to build a sustainable, long-term economy. We seek to encourage the growth, expansion and retention of our existing business base and market our town and county’s business friendly environment to new businesses.  A variety of financial incentives, technical assistance and other forms of direct support enables new and existing Edenton and Chowan County businesses the edge to succeed in the 21st century.


  • To retaining, growing existing businesses and attracting new businesses and industries complementary to the area’s industry assets which will provide more opportunities for gainful employment, increased sales and tax revenues and a revitalization of the economic base for the Town of Edenton and Chowan County
  • To expand the size and quality of the workforce and to support the betterment of individuals and their families of all ages in our community
  • To collaborate and coordinate economic development efforts with the Town of Edenton and Chowan County
  • To serve as a primary source for economic and related information for businesses interested in locating in the Town of Edenton and Chowan County
  • To work together with anchor local, county and regional institutions along with the Chowan County Tourism Development Authority, and Edenton Chowan Chamber of Commerce
  • To interface and synchronize with North Carolina State and Regional Economic Development organizations

Board Members

Board Officers

  • Chairman: Jeffrey Sackrison
  • Vice President: John Dowd
  • Secretary: Jerry Climer
  • Treasurer: Frank Miglorie

Board Members

  • Mayor Roland Vaughan, Edenton
  • Jimmy Stallings, Mayor pro-tem, Edenton
  • Bob Quinn, Town Council, Edenton
  • Jeff Smith, Chowan County Commissioner, Chairman
  • Greg Bonner, Chowan County Commissioner
  • Patti Kersey, Chowan County Commissioner
  • Simon (Cy) Rich
  • Hal Burns
  • Mary Scott Haigler
  • Scott Sykes
  • Joan Maxwell

Ex Officio Board Members

  • Anne-Marie Knighton, Town Manager, Edenton
  • Kevin Howard, County Manager, Chowan County

Executive Staff

  • Mallory Denham, Executive Director

Edenton Chowan Partnership Committees

Economic Development Committee:

  • Cy Rich, Chairman
  • Jeff Smith
  • Roland Vaughan
  • John Dowd
  • Frank Miglorie
  • Jimmy Stallings
  • Hal Burns
  • Joan Maxwell
  • Ex Officio Members: Anne-Marie Knighton and Kevin Howard

Retirement Committee:

  • Jerry Climer, Chairman
  • John Dowd
  • Bob Quinn
  • Patti Kersey
  • Mary Scott Haigler
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